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How does Panamerican Shielding offer a customized approach that surpasses medical industry standards? By offering various comprehensive service that includes the design, manufacturing, and installation of MRI shielding. Around the world, the team integrates each aspect of a project into an overall process, from concept to final installation.

Panamerican Shielding dares to do things differently; it’s how we’ve become a key supplier in the healthcare field. For our team, building a Faraday shield or installing an MRI suite goes beyond technical execution. Each project is a unique challenge of style and performance, one in which strategy and design play equally important roles in maximizing the user experience.

The Panamerican Shielding team is comprised of individuals with extensive management and technical knowledge compounded by impressive creative skills. During every project, they challenge the limits of what is possible and offer a full range of services that include:

  • Consulting
  • Feasibility study
  • Testing of RF functionality (radio frequency)
  • Design and planning of the MRI environment
  • Manufacturing of Faraday shields
  • Project management (scheduling, cost control)
  • Custom installation

Panamerican Shielding’s expertise in creating healthcare environments is routinely sought after by architectural firms, contractors, government agencies and many private and public institutions.

For Panamerican Shielding, there are no problems, only solutions. Every obstacle is seen as a chance to do things differently, and this approach has propelled Panamerican Shielding to a leadership position in its field worldwide.