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As we modify your existing facility space in preparation to accept new equipment, we ensure that your safety and exceptional quality are our top priority. Our safety measures include configuring or re-configuring equipment-specific overhead structures, flooring, cable ducting, HVAC, electrical requirements, and more. When possible, this is an ideal cost-saving measure that allows our clients to capitalize on what they already have by maximizing on current space, as opposed to building a completely new room in which to install specific imaging equipment (which Viking Rigging & Associates can do as well).

Shielding: In addition to radiation shielding, there are two distinct types of MRI shielding: RF (Radio Frequency) Shielding (also known as a Faraday cage)—Creates an MRI procedure room environment completely free from RF waves which can otherwise compromise the scanned image. All manufacturers require RF shielding. Anti-magnetic Shielding—Negates any possibility of an image anomaly created from a ferrous moving contamination outside of the MRI suite (for example, a patient in a wheelchair or mobility scooter moving past the MRI room or a car driving through the parking lot outside of the facility). Unlike RF shielding, anti-magnetic shielding is only mandatory for specific equipment and site conditions; thus, not every MRI will require it.

Problem Solving: Shielded systems such as ours are not developed without a deep understanding of the problems faced by every customer, a wealth of knowledge in the prefabrication of individual shielding elements, and experience in assembling and testing at the site. If you have an RFI/EMI shielding problem, Viking Rigging has the engineering and manufacturing competence to solve it. Additional Products and Services: Shielded Doors and Hinges, Low Threshold Doors, Weather Resistant Doors, Waveguides, AirVents, RF Penetration Panels, and Power Filters.

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